A few weeks ago we tried to impartially explain the main differences between Granite and Quartz. We though it would also be a good idea to briefly review the most important differences between Marble and Quartz to help you make up your mind when choosing the right material for your kitchen countertops or bathroom stone surfaces.

We have seen before, Quartz is a man-made product engineered from natural stone and polymer resins. The result is a very beautiful and durable material with a clear consistency in patterns, colours and designs that make it ideal to seamlessly use for even the most complex kitchen or bathroom designs. On the other hand, Classic Marble is a natural metamorphosed limestone or dolomite rock of great beauty that continues to be highly desirable by many for its elegance.

When it comes to cost, Quartz is generally more affordable than Marble. Considering the large proportion of your kitchen budget that will be used in flooring on worktop surfaces this may be a decisive factor in your choice of stone.

It is also important to point out that Quartz is a non-porous, germ-free product that doesn’t require sealing or waxing, and cleaning is a breeze with hot water, soap, and a sponge. It also stands up extremely well against cuts, heat, and abrasions, and is virtually stain-resistant. Marble also does a moderate job when it comes to resisting heat, but it can stain if acidic materials are left on its surface. Marble also requires regular sealing, so you should factor that into the overall, long-term costs.

If you wish to consider Quartz for your kitchen or bathroom, at SMQuartz we are proud to offer you a top quality product with large selection of colours and finishes.

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The elegant SMQuartz range is available in more than 100 quartz colours in different styles, including the Classic quartz stone pattern range, stylish Veined (Venato) range, vibrant Glitter, modern Stardust, contemporary Metropolis and the newest Fusion ranges.
Besides the extraordinary choice of styles, SMQuartz offers durability, functionality, safety and reliability, making their range perfect for all type of surface uses. It is ideal for creating exquisite kitchen countertops and vanities but is also suited to be used as natural flooring, indoor wall stone cladding, shower walls and many other everyday uses.