If you were considering to get a granite countertop for your kitchen and have only found out about a quartz alternative, let us give you some impartial advice.

Both surfaces are very durable and will last a really long time, they are heat, scratch, chemical and stain stain resistant and require very low maintenance. It would be fair to say that side by side, granite would have a higher tolerance to high heat that quartz.

Perhaps the biggest difference between granite and quartz is that while granite is a natural material, quartz is an engineered surface made from about 93% natural quartz sands mixed with polymer resins and colourfast pigments. This essentially means that while the colour and pattern selection of granite is limited to its naturally occurring variations, quartz can be designed in multiple patterns and almost never ending range of colours.

It is true, naturally occurring patterns and colours, displayed by granite, are beautiful. But it also must be said that Santa Margherita, after 50 years manufacturing quartz products, have produced the amazing ranges of SMQuartz with patterns very hard to tell apart from granite.

The decision is of course yours, but if you wish to find out more, we invite you to contact us on 00353 1 5337155 or info@smquartz.ie

The elegant SMQuartz range is available in more than 100 quartz colours in different styles, including the Classic quartz stone pattern range, stylish Veined (Venato) range, vibrant Glitter, modern Stardust, contemporary Metropolis and the newest Fusion ranges.
Besides the extraordinary choice of styles, SMQuartz offers durability, functionality, safety and reliability, making their range perfect for all type of surface uses. It is ideal for creating exquisite kitchen countertops and vanities but is also suited to be used as natural flooring, indoor wall stone cladding, shower walls and many other everyday uses.